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Aluminum Slide-On Custom Boat Trailers

For 39 years, Owens & Sons has provided custom aluminum boat trailers, trailer parts, and trailer repairs nationwide.

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Our custom aluminum boat trailers are designed and built with durability and convenience in mind. Made from high-quality aluminum, these trailers are lightweight and corrosion-resistant, making them perfect for use in saltwater environments.

If you’re in the market for a top-quality boat trailer, look no further than our custom aluminum models!

What We offer

If you are looking for custom aluminum boat trailers, repair, parts, or accessories, get in touch with us. Owens & Sons Aluminum Slide-On Trailers are boat trailer manufacturers that build custom boat trailers, sell boat trailer parts, and provide boat trailer repair services.

Our boat trailer shop has everything you need for your boat trailer. We carry boat trailer axles, boat trailer winches, boat trailer brakes, and more.

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Avoid the most common boat trailer maintenance issues

We’ve seen too many trailer maintenance issues over the years that all could have been prevented with just a little care and basic trailering knowledge. Download out maintenance schedule so you can keep up with your trailer and travel safely.

Trailer Maintenance Schedule

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Boat Trailer Repair Services

Owens and Sons Aluminum Slide-On Trailers offers aluminum boat trailer repair services for all types of boat trailers. This includes wooden hulls, airboats, sailboats, powerboats, and more. Whether you need new boat trailer axles, brakes, or a winch, we can help supply the parts and do the labor. We have experts in the boat trailer industry ready to help repair your boat trailer.

We work with top boat manufacturers and leading dealerships to provide our customers with a wide range of options. Our boat trailers are designed to accommodate your boat’s hull according to the manufacturer’s specs, the model of your boat, and your boating style.

The goal is to make traveling with your boat more enjoyable and worry-free. We create reliable and dependable customized boat trailers that will ease the loading process.

Get the Best Boat Trailers Available

Owens & Sons have the best boat trailers available and have worked with many commercial fishermen as well as local agencies, state agencies, and federal agencies worldwide.

We are your best source, whether you are a boat charter captain, a boat trailer dealer, a large boat owner, or someone looking for quality boat trailer sales or repair. Get in touch with us today!

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#1 Aluminum Slide-On Custom Boat Trailers in St. Petersburg, FL

  • 100% Hand-Built, Specifically Designed for Your Boat
  • All Aluminum & Stainless Steel Construction
  • Over Engineered, Our Trailers are Built to Last

Experience Aluminum Slide-On Custom Trailers

Don’t let the nightmare of getting your boat to the ramp keep you from boating.

The Best Boat Trailers in St. Petersburg, Florida

A family owned and operated Tampa Bay Florida based business manufacturing custom boat trailers. For over 38 years we have been serving the public with handmade, custom aluminum trailers. Quality trailers, trailer parts and service are our #1 goals! We can ship trailer parts to anywhere in the United States.

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What Our Customers Say

We own a local marine repair shop, and Owens is the only company we will use when we purchase trailers for our fleet. We need dependable, durable, well made trailers for our every day use to pick up clients boats for service. We only trust that job to these guys. I highly recommend them if you need a trailer. You wont be disappointed.
Kendra B.
Will never buy a trailer anywhere else. This is my second new trailer I have purchased from Owens and Sons. My dad has bought two new ones as well and I send everybody I know to them. 1st class customer service before, during and after the sale.
Chris Z.
Highly recommend this company. Great family owned business with nice people. I’ve had several mass produced trailers in the past and the build quality from Owens and Sons can’t be beat for the money. My boat fits like a glove on the trailer and it pulls super smooth. Do yourself a favor and call them if you are in the market for a real custom crafted American made trailer.
Scott C.
Big thanks to Owens & Sons for their top quality and support. Have a over 20 year old trailer that’s still in good shape but had a bearing fail. E mailed to ask what bearings I need and got an answer almost right away with the specs. That’s what I call supporting your product!
Daniel I.
Great Trailer, strong and well built and looks great at a fair price. I drove to Fla. from VA to pick this and another trailer up and the Team at Owens and Sons were just a pleasure to work with. I actually damaged the second trailer on the way home and turned around and they had a “NASCAR type Pit Crew” waiting and had it repaired in less than 3 hours. Great people, product and value. You can’t go wrong working with the family and will be “WOW’D” at how much they care about making sure that you are happy with the entire process. I will never go anywhere else for my trailer needs, event from VA.!
David V.
Had a new trailer built several years ago. Outstanding Quality product by a great family company. Recently replaced some components for a last minute trip and they treat you like you are an everyday customer. Highly recommend !
Michael B.

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