Our trailers are engineered for maximum longevity. We custom design every trailer to put the majority of the weight of the boat over the IBEAM. Our competitors often put the majority of the weight on the cross members of the trailer. Overtime the cross members will wear and your trailer will very likely fall apart with this construction. I-beams are designed to handle the load directly on top of the beam and the bulk of the weight should also be over the axle. When we make a trailer we have to use a variety of different size axles vs the competition will only use two or three sizes. We custom build every part of the trailer to fit your boat. Not only making it pull easier but also last longer.


All of our trailers are welded together. Welding a trailer prevents the need to re tighten and adjust bolts with time. In salt water application corrosion also adversely effects bolts and creates added maintenance to the trailer


We use Dexter torsion axles. These axles are hand selected to fit your boat. Torsion axles are essential with salt water applications.


All our brakes have stainless calibers at a minimum and we also offer full stainless rotors as well. Our competitors will often use automobile grade brakes that are coated. When used in salt water applications these coated brakes will not last.


Stand on fenders. We custom build our fenders to handle a real human standing on them.


Thicker I-beams and beefier parts. We build our trailers for the long haul. Even on our small trailers we still use a larger I-beam than are competitors.


We include a refit with every trailer. We do this to make sure you are happy with the trailer and your tow vehicle. This refit must be done in our St. Petersburg FL location.


All our trailers are built for the SALT WATER with Aluminum and Stainless construction.