Owens & Sons offers bunks made from pressure-treated pine, wrapped in uv-stabilized carpet. Our in-house carpenter can fit the bunks to your exact specifications. We are able to ship our bunks as well as our carpet nationally, or you can come pick them up at our St. Petersburg location. To order your bunks, call (727) 323-1088.

Boat Trailer Bunks: What are they, and what do they do?

Boat trailer bunks are support structures that attach to the boat trailer. They provide support for the boat while it is being towed. There are three main types of boat trailers: roller coaster trailers, bunk trailers, and V-hull trailers. Each type requires different boat trailer bunks.

Roller caster trailers have bunks that support the boat from underneath. These bunks are usually made of PVC or aluminum. Fixed bunk trailers have bunks that keep the boat from the side. V-hull trailers have bunks that support the boat from the front and back.

Materials Used in Manufacturing Boat Trailer Bunks

The most common material used in manufacturing boat trailer bunks is pressure-treated pine.

How to Measure for Proper Fit of Boat Trailer Bunks

Bunks should be the same size as the boat on which they are being installed. If you measure your boat and find it too large for any bunk, you will have to buy a bigger one.

Measure the width and length of your boat. Also, measure the height between the two points where you mount each bunk. You will need to add enough space between these points to attach your boat racks without any interference or damage to the boat.

Once you have measured all the above items, compare them to the list of recommended boat trailer bunks. There should be a bunk size that fits your boat.

In conclusion, selecting the proper boat trailer bunks for your vessel is essential. By doing so, you will ensure safe and smooth transport. Be sure to consider the weight and size of your boat when making your selection. Also, keep in mind the terrain you will be traveling on. If you have any questions, consult with a knowledgeable retailer or manufacturer.